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Предлози за място и посока | Езикова школа „Лазурит“

Предлози за място и посока

Предлози за място и посока

Разучете следните предлози.
aboveнадThe picture hangs above my bed.
acrossот другата страна на (улица, река)You mustn't go across this road here.
There isn't a bridge across the river.
alongпо, по продължението на (улица, бряг)They're walking along the beach.
amongизмежду (повече от 2 неща/човека)I like being among people.
aroundоколоWe're sitting around the campfire.
atна, до, вAt the traffic light, turn right.
I sit at my desk at the office all day.
behindзадOur house is behind the supermarket.
belowподDeath Valley is 86 metres below sea level.
betweenмежду (2 неща/човека)Our house is between the supermarket and the school.
close toблизо доOur house is close to the supermarket.
downнадолуHe is coming down the hill.
на (за улица)
The pen is in the bag.
There are a lot of people in the street.
in front ofпредOur house is in front of the supermarket.
intoв/във (с глагол за движение)You shouldn't go into the castle.
Turn left/right into Church Street.
nearблизо доOur house is near the supermarket.
next toдоOur house is next to the supermarket.
onвърху, наThe book is on the table.
The building is on your left/right.
ontoвърху, на (с глагол за движение)I stepped onto the pavement.
oppositeсрещуOur house is opposite the supermarket.
out ofот, извън (с глагол за движение)The cat jumped out of the window.
overнадGo over the bridge.
pastпокрайGo past the post office.
straightнаправоGo straight ahead.
throughпрезYou shouldn't walk through the forest.
toкъм, в, до (с глаголи за движение)I like going to Australia.
underподThe cat is under the table.
upнагореHe is going up the hill.

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